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Eco Friendly Janitorial Services


Action Cleaning Services has done its research! We care about the safety of the environment and the well-being of your employees. Upon request, we can use cleaning products that are Third Party Certified, Green Seal Certified, and EPA DIE Recognized.

Action Cleaning prides itself on offering eco-friendly cleaning for all of our services.




We offer janitorial services to help clean any building to the highest standards. We also offer to utilize our eco-friendly cleaning practices in any office space.


Office Cleaning

Our office cleaning services include a complete walk-through to ensure all service requests are granted.


Medical Cleaning

Action Cleaning Services takes medical cleaning very seriously. We have policies and procedures in place to promise thorough cleanings. We can also provide eco-friendly cleaning products as often as possible while cleaning medical buildings and stations.


Floors & Windows

While cleaning floors, carpets, and windows, we can use eco-friendly cleaning products and practices as often as possible depending on the service being requested.


Additional Services

We offer extra building maintenance like pressure washing walkways and changing light bulbs. We are able to use eco-friendly cleaning practices when they apply to whichever additional services your company may need.



Whenever possible, we use eco-friendly cleaning supplies like paper products, microfiber cloths, flat head mops, HEPA air filtration vacuums, and color-coded systems for our tools.


Customer Testimonial

Everything Looks Great
April 20, 2017

Everything looks great. Thanks for all the shuffling and such to get us squeezed in. The staff have been commenting all day about how great things look.