• Cleaning Commercial Buildings Is Not Just About Appearance

    Cleaning Commercial Buildings Is Not Just About Appearance

    People often get sick due to bacteria or allergies caused by dust, molds, milder, and toxic chemicals. We believe in healthier buildings for healthier people—that's why we invest in better equipment and safer supplies.

  • It Starts With Caring Janitors

    It Starts With Caring Janitors

    You can teach people how to swing a mop or top dust, but at Action Cleaning Services we insist our janitors learn how to clean and disinfect buildings properly and responsibly. We use the best quality green products so your company shines—and is clean and safe.

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  • We're Here For You

    We're Here For You

    We're here to make sure that your office is presentable, clean, and healthy. Our staff, all highly trained professionals, operate with customer service and cleanliness at the forefront.

  • We're Professional

    We're Professional

    We've been cleaning for a lot of years and we understand the importance of professionalism. Whether we're cleaning during open hours or after hours, our staff are always professional, courteous, and attentive.

Our Commitment

Whether it is starting out a cleaning service or replacing a current provider, choosing a new company to handle your facility can be nerve-wracking.  Action Cleaning has a proven track record of making any transition a smooth and rewarding one. Read More

Details Count

Your company’s health, safety and appearance are important to us, no matter how large or small.  Since 1992, we have grown our business by listening to our clients’ needs, then designing  specialized, green-friendly, flexible cleaning solutions for each of our clients. Read More